• Saipov defence cites Trump tweets in argument against death penalty

    The defence team of accused “bike path terrorist” Sayfullo Saipov has argued that tweets from US President Donald Trump and the President’s criticisms of the Department of Justice would make it impossible for Attorney-General Jeff Sessions to fairly and impartially seek the death penalty. Mr Saipov, an immigrant from Uzbekistan, is accused of driving a rented pickup truck into cyclists and runners in Lower Manhattan, New York City, killing eight people and injuring 11 others ... ► Read more

  • 48 dead in Kabul education centre suicide bombing

    A suicide bombing at an education centre in Kabul has killed 48 people and left 67 injured, according to Afghan officials. Police say a suicide bomber entered the centre while tuition was taking place and detonated his bomb belt at about 4:00 pm (local time) on Wednesday afternoon. “We can confirm the attack was caused by a suicide bomber on foot,” police spokesperson Hashmat Stanikzai said. “The bomber detonated himself inside the education centre.” Many ... ► Read more

  • Former Archbishop Philip Wilson to serve child sex abuse concealment sentence in home detention

    Former Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson will serve his sentence for concealing child sex abuse in home detention. Mr Wilson was sentenced to 12 months detention with six months non-parole for covering up child sex abuse that occurred in the 1970s in the NSW Hunter region. He has spent the last few weeks on bail while he and his sister’s homes were being assessed for home detention. He will be eligible for parole on February 13, ... ► Read more

  • US sanctions Turkish officials over jailed pastor

    The United States Government has imposed sanctions on Turkey’s justice and interior ministers over the ongoing detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson. Mr Brunson has been held in custody for almost two years over alleged links to political groups. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the US Government believes Mr Brunson is “a victim of unfair and unjust detention”, adding that the Government has “seen no evidence that Pastor Brunson has done anything wrong.” ... ► Read more

  • Archbishop Philip Wilson resigns after conviction of concealing child sex abuse

    Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson, the most senior Catholic official to be convicted of concealing child sex abuse, is now resigning from his position. Pope Francis accepted the resignation after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other political leaders increased the pressure on Mr Wilson to step down from his role. The soon to be former Archbishop was convicted in May for concealing child sex abuse that dated back to the 1970s, where he covered up for ... ► Read more

  • Seven killed in Kabul suicide bombing

    The Islamic State (IS) terrorist organisation has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack that killed seven civilians in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Sunday. In addition to those killed, 15 staff of the nearby Rural Development Ministry were wounded when the bomb went off at evening rush-hour. The attack is one of many that have terrorised civilians in Afghanistan’s major cities this year, creating the highest number of conflict-related casualties in one year since records ... ► Read more

  • Archbishop Philip Wilson sentenced to 12 months detention for child abuse cover up

    Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson, 67, has been sentenced to 12 months detention by the Newcastle Local Court on Tuesday. Archbishop Wilson is the most senior Catholic official to have been convicted of concealing child sexual abuse. He will serve half of the maximum sentence of two years imprisonment. The Archbishop was previously found guilty for failing to report to the police the historical indecent assault of two altar boys by the hands of priest Jim ... ► Read more

  • Greens push to replace Lord’s prayer in Senate sittings

    The practice of opening Senate sessions with the Lord’s prayer may be replaced with the recitation of an “inclusive” statement. Outgoing NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon successfully moved on Wednesday afternoon to have the matter examined by a parliamentary committee. Senator Rhiannon has proposed that the prayer be substituted with: “Senators, let us, in silence, pray or reflect upon our responsibilities to all people of Australia, and to future generations.” The change is supported by ... ► Read more

  • Indonesian terrorist Aman Abdurrahman sentenced to death for 2016 attack

    Aman Abdurrahman, the radical Indonesian cleric behind a 2016 attack on a Starbucks café in Jakarta, was sentenced to death on Friday. Abdurrahman ordered militants affiliated with Islamic State to carry out attacks, including the Starbucks suicide bombing that left seven dead. Considered to be Indonesia’s most dangerous terrorist, he formed the group responsible for suicide bombings in Surabaya last month, which were carried out by families, including young children. Prosecutors have called Abdurrahman a ... ► Read more

  • Australian nun permitted to remain in Philippines after deportation scare

    The Philippine Justice Department has nullified an order to deport Australian nun Sister Patricia Fox. Sister Fox’s visa was revoked by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration on the basis of alleged political activity. However, the Justice Department granted her appeal just hours before the 71-year-old nun was due to leave the country. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte personally ordered the investigation of Sister Fox for “illegal political activities”. The Bureau of Immigration arrested her in April ... ► Read more

  • BREAKING: Malcolm Turnbull to give child sex abuse victims national apology

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will deliver a national apology to victims 0f child sex abuse on October 22, as part of the Government’s response to the recent Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Mr Turnbull said he would accept 104 out of the 122 recommendations made by the Royal Commission to the Federal Government, and that a national Office for Child Safety would be established this year. Speaking to the press in ... ► Read more

  • Catholic Church signs up for national redress scheme for victims of child sex abuse

    Image credit: Liam Kidston The Catholic Church has signed up for a national redress scheme for victims of child sex abuse, bringing victims closer to receiving compensation. The church has now become the first non-government organisation to join the national scheme, making it a major step forward to bringing consolation and justice to the institutional abuse inflicted upon thousands of young children. The church’s governing bodies, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) and Catholic Religious ... ► Read more

  • Archbishop Phillip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse

    Image credit: Sky News Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson is now the most senior Catholic official to be convicted of concealing child sexual abuse after he was found guilty by a New South Wales court on Tuesday. The 67-year-old was accused of covering up abuse by priest Jim Fletcher in the NSW Hunter region in the 1970s in an attempt to protect the church’s reputation, Magistrate Robert Stone said. The archbishop could spend two years ... ► Read more