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  • Trystxn: “FIND OUT” about the new noise emerging from the Mountains

    From the Mountains to your ears, Trystxn is coming for you with a quick wit and infinite flow. We, as well as Trystxn, also hail from the Blue Mountains. To see the emergence of talent, ambition and drive all in the DIY sense makes us so happy! We can’t help but get behind such a driven individual, especially when it’s a mate of ours kicking goals and creating his own sound. Trystxn draws on his ... ► Read more

  • PREMIERE: All Aboard! Rhysics to release new single “Missed My Train”

    Rhysics - Photo By Louis Oliver Roach ► Read more

  • You can teach Physics, but you just can’t teach Rhysics

    Rhysics, Photo Credit: Louis Oliver Roach ► Read more

  • Sun Creeps: Bringing the heat!

    Consisting of Soup, Jaz and Jyelan from Western Sydney’s Camden, the three-piece that is Sun Creeps produce some punchy, garage-punk tunes that we can’t get enough of! We are enthralled by the drive and passion these guys put into their tracks and on stage. They’re also always super fun! After opening for some huge Aussie faves such as Pist Idiots, Sun Creeps are getting their time to shine as headliners in their own stomping grounds ... ► Read more

  • The Gurdies: shooting off to Mars

    Consisting of mates from Melbourne, The Gurdies deliver a unique, raw energy. Their live show is undeniably remarkable. The sheer passion and grit these guys exude is immense! But before we get into that, there’s a bit of context. We were recently split up for a couple of weeks — can you believe it?! You see, one of us was in Melbourne while the other was in Sydney. Knowing The Gurdies were Melburnians, the twin deployed ... ► Read more

  • Four questions with FETES

    We first heard of the killer project that is FETES when we stumbled upon Cristian Campano after seeing him and his band Food Court play. We are big fans of Food Court and seized the opportunity to talk to the lead singer about the music industry, why Food Court didn’t play “I’ve been wrong” and FETES, all while Cristian generously shared his jug of beer with us. Through hearing FETES’ music, we decided this music is something ... ► Read more

  • Filthy Crew: Curating a show near you

    Today we bring to you someone we admire and want you all to appreciate too! Initially we had met said person, Luka Flanagan, at the beginning of 2018. It was in a fit of smoke, music, and lots of giddy laughter from your dopey twins. In further conversing with our newest friend, we were beyond shocked to believe that this guy had just turned 18. He was two years our junior, and he had such ... ► Read more

  • Summer season song starters

    Even though we have only just entered summer, we are in the most jovial mood for the summer sounds to come. We have been absolutely spoilt with amazing songs this year, and these three months are no exception! Here are some tracks we have been frothing that have lead us into our fav season! The Buoys: “Make It Clear” Opening with a low, gritty guitar riff, “Make It Clear” instantly grabs your attention and forces ... ► Read more

  • Amyl and the Sniffers: it’s still passion

    Amyl and the Sniffers are an enigma. The very first time we got the pleasure of seeing these guys play was when they were opening for cult favourites Cosmic Psychos in Sydney. We stood watching the stage for the space of what felt like a millisecond before being electrocuted into the world the Sniffers projected. It was unreal. After showcasing our over excited, mountain-goat-style jumping up and down and ridiculous dance moves for the duration ... ► Read more

  • Sk8ergrrrl: Don’t say cya later

    Sk8ergrrrl are an all girl five piece from Sydney’s inner suburbs. The band consists of members Ida (Vocals), Sophia (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Lucia (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Jess (Bass) and Charlie (Drums), and even though they’re still in high school these girls are a force to be reckoned with! Their passion for music and their amazing talent is resonated in their debut single ‘“Marinate”. We found the tune to be extremely refreshing. From the opening chords you’re hooked, guided by ... ► Read more

  • Tony Dork: The punk band we never knew we needed

    Tony Dork — we’re obsessed. The first time we heard of these guys we had seen them playing in an Instagram video. Feeling euphoric after a night of free drinks and karaoke we excitedly messaged the Melbourne-based band lobbying them to come to Sydney. Since reaching out to guys, the group have blessed us with some more Tony Dork content including a namesake debut EP! With the EP as a perfect backdrop, we got a chance ... ► Read more

  • Seeing through double standards with VOIID’s ‘Twin’ 

    VOIID members Anji, Kate, Antonia and Jasmine are amazing. We initially fell in love with the band when we saw them live in Sydney. The energy and passion behind each individual is incomparable. We became fan girls instantly. Having a ripper EP and three singles under their belt, they make it hard for us to have a favourite song, or even a favourite music video for that matter. Their messages are so clear and strong, and ... ► Read more

  • The Fratellis: Glasgow legends set to visit Down Under

    UK favourites and absolute gems in the Sydney music scene, Viva La Sociale are back at it again, this time bringing us Aussies some Glasgow icons. We are pleased to announce that The Fratellis will be gracing Australian stages across the country in November! Last visiting Australia in 2014, this time they are here hot after the release of their fifth studio album, “In Your Own Sweet Time”. It’s a true masterpiece that is sure to bring ... ► Read more

  • Our safety is not your choice

    We often walk home in the very early hours of the morning as a pair. On one particular walk home we were being yelled at by two adult men. They had gotten off the train like we had and were both much larger than the two of us. They were jeering and commenting on our appearances, and how exciting it was that we are identical twins. Of course we couldn’t ignore them, but we couldn’t ... ► Read more

  • Viva La Sociale: Bringing passion all the way from the UK

    Born in a bar in Cuba by two self-described “music loving geeks”, Viva La Sociale has one simple yet vital mission: to nurture up-and-coming artists and promote their music. Founders Louise Palmer and Kevin Davies decided to give up their day jobs and dedicate themselves to this cause, creating Viva La Sociale, a successful music management and promotion company originally based in the UK. However, in their classic “all or nothing” style they have uprooted ... ► Read more

  • Goodnight Japan: Goodmorning ‘Rush’!

    Image credit: Goodnight Japan Originating in 2016, Goodnight Japan are an up-and-coming three piece band hailing from Sydney. All it took was one listen to the band’s fresh-released first single “Rush” and we were sold! Lead singer Abel Ibanez’s sweet, rustic voice captivates young and old audiences alike, and giving the band a mature and established sound; we were hanging on each and every word. The vocals lay down a reflective, bordering on melancholic emotional ... ► Read more

  • Concrete Lawn: Pounding the pavement, getting it done

    Consisting of members, Maddy (Lead vocals), Cambell (Guitar), Jack (Bass), and Alex (Drums), Concrete Lawn are emerging as a dominating force. We were lucky enough to catch the four-piece play their demo launch at the Red Rattler at the beginning of April, for their DEMO EP release. The album has since been released, and we are in love. The live performance was one we became infatuated with immediately. Lead singer Maddy is insane. She is able ... ► Read more

  • Family: Avicii’s death was a suicide

    Image credit: Alex Wessely (Rolling Stone) The family of Tim Bergling, a Swedish DJ known as Avicii, have released a statement suggesting the artist’s death was a suicide. According to Avicii’s family, he “struggled with thoughts about meaning, life [and] happiness.” The statement says: Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul searching for answers to existential questions. An over-achieving perfectionist who travelled and worked hard at a pace that led to extreme ... ► Read more

  • Avicii pronounced dead at 28

    Swedish musician, DJ and producer Tim Bergling, widely known by his stage name Avicii, was pronounced dead in Muscat, Oman on Friday afternoon (early Saturday morning Sydney time). ► Read more

  • Some tunes to get through the week

    Struggling to find the motivation to get through the week? Well, there’s nothing better than music to inspire you! Here is a short list of some new releases that we’re using to get moving. Amyl and the Sniffers — “Cup Of Destiny“ Amyl and the Sniffers are back at it again with the announcement of their Cup of Destiny tour alongside the release of a ripper single, “Cup Of Destiny”. Truly a testament to what ... ► Read more

  • Ice Cube set to light up Vivid

    Founding member of infamous rap group NWA, Ice Cube, will make his Sydney Opera House debut in several performances coinciding with Sydney’s Vivid festival commencing on May 25. Ice Cube will be the first rapper to perform in the prestigious concert hall. However, he isn’t the only American this year spearheading the festival — US songstress Solange will also be taking the Opera House stage. It is speculated that Ice Cube will be playing hits ... ► Read more

  • Eliza and the Delusionals: Who cares what people say, just do you

      Hailing from Queensland, Eliza and the Delusionals are a delight. With a fresh indie rock sound, combined with a prominent personal spark, we immediately felt a strong connection and appreciation for this band. When on stage, Eliza and the Delusionals are an enigma. All members of the band add an integral part to the sound; however, you can’t look past frontwoman Eliza, as she is an electric force belting out tunes. We were lucky ... ► Read more

  • My Opinion on “Your Dad’s Opinion for Dinner”

    Ruby Fields is a wonderfully refreshing artist who tells it how it is, with a frank and personal approach. The sheer quality of her storytelling, songwriting and composition is truly mesmerising, and her debut EP Your Dad’s Opinion for Dinner is no exception. As a neat little bit of trivia, Ruby actually drew the covers for her singles which just further demonstrates her close connection to her work. After falling in love with “I Want” and ... ► Read more

  • Five songs that made our summer

    As the end of February approaches, it is with angst that we must say goodbye to summer. This summer we found ourselves doing a lot of new things and having lots of fun experiences. While doing so we had a lot of songs that we regularly listened to, and more we discovered along the way. We have compiled five songs that, in their own way, made our summer a memorable and joyful one. Camp Cope — ... ► Read more

  • Courtney Barnett’s raw take on harassment

    I’m a huge sucker for Courtney Barnett — my dreams came true when she collaborated with Kurt Vile — so when I saw the sudden release of a single from Courtney’s upcoming album Tell Me How You Really Feel coming out May 18, I was beyond excited to give it a listen. I know, I know, I sound very biased as I am already a big fan of Courtney’s work, but I can honestly say that I ... ► Read more

  • Nick Nuisance and the Delinquents: Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

    With an abstract and off-beat take on the mundanity of everyday life, Nick Nuisance and the Delinquents are a fresh perspective with a killer sound, leaving the boredom of everyday life behind one tune at a time. The combination of a garage rock sound as well as a minimalistic approach so eloquently conducted, is what makes the sound of Nick Nuisance and the Delinquents so appealing to us and many others. When watching the band ... ► Read more

  • How we fell in love with Sydney’s music scene: An ode to the Idiots

    A while back, we were on our way to see Pist Idiots, a Western Sydney-based garage-rock band and one of our favourite local acts. After awkwardly bumbling our way through Newtown with a stomach full of nerves and a terrible navigation app leading us into unknown territory, we finally arrived at the gig. Puffing from running and jittery with nerves, we had instantly become deer in the headlights as we watched Pist Idiots play their first ... ► Read more

  • A night in Melbourne with Crywank

    Finding ourselves in Melbourne two weekends ago and with a few hours to spare, Sam and I quickly tried to find a gig. We discovered that UK band Crywank were in town as part of their debut Australian tour. We eagerly made our way through the busy streets to find them. After leaving late, getting lost a few times, and staring for far too long at a Gucci shop window with an alien campaign poster, we arrived at The Curtin pub. During their set, the UK duo played some of their more popular songs with fans excitedly singing the words back at them. Songs such as “Now I'm Sad” and “Memento Mori” were crowd favourites, with punters engaging with the meaningful lyrics. ► Read more

  • Malcom Young: an Australian rock legend

    It is with great sadness that I write this article about the loss of one of our music greats: Malcom Young. You can’t mention Aussie music without AC/DC in mind. Malcom co-founded the band with his brother Angus and is responsible for many of their greatest hits and well-known riffs. For fans and fellow musicians,  Malcolm Young's passing has been a hard hit. I can only imagine the heartbreak endured by his close friends and family. ► Read more

  • Amyl and The Sniffers: It’s all passion

    Currently based in Melbourne, four piece punk-rock band Amyl and The Sniffers are a force to be reckoned with! We finally got the chance to see these guys play live when they opened for Cosmic Psychos here in Sydney, which they will continue to do for the Better in the Shed Tour spanning across November and December. We were met with nothing but pure energetic passion from the quartet as they belted out their well ... ► Read more

  • Australian Music T-Shirt Day

    Today we thought we’d write about a day we love: Triple J’s Australian Music T-shirt Day which was held on 3 November. Apart from just being a bit of fun, it’s a day to celebrate Aussie music culture, and to get behind and show support for some pretty amazing artists by wearing their band shirts. We are donning our band shirts and wanted to each do our own little plug on an Australian band that we’ve seen this year that has had an impact on us. ► Read more

  • A match made in heaven: Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile amaze with ‘Lotta Sea Lice’

    When I heard whispers that Aussie sweetheart Courtney Barnett was in the States working with alternative rocker Kurt Vile, I instantly knew that this pairing was a match made in heaven. I can't believe I hadn’t seen these two as potential collaborators before! Released on 13 October, Lotta Sea Lice was a very long time coming for me, even though it was released just months after the two artists announced they were working together. I couldn’t wait! And I must say, I wasn't disappointed. ► Read more

  • Five up and coming acts from Sydney you need to see

    Sydney’s music scene is crawling with talent. Going to live gigs and performances is a great way to engage, discover and admire said talents — but how do you choose? Here is a list of five up and coming Sydney-based artists you need to see! ► Read more