Announcement: We’re making some changes

Announcement: We’re making some changes

Dear readers,

OPMagazine is making some changes. In a nutshell, we’re moving from daily news to open source investigations.

The world is changing rapidly and journalism must evolve or risk becoming irrelevant. With a plethora of reliable daily news sources, OPMagazine feels its services are needed elsewhere.

Open source investigative journalism is an emerging field that is crucial to the survival of journalism as an industry and as a gatekeeper of democracy.

If you would like to know more about open source investigative journalism or have any other queries please send us an email at

If you have a tip, story idea or are interested in writing for us, please email us at

You can also get in touch over Facebook.

We thank you all for your ongoing support and are excited to share this next chapter with you.

Kind regards,

Joseph Olbrycht-Palmer.