Pell expected to appeal to High Court

Pell expected to appeal to High Court

Convicted child sex offender Cardinal George Pell will appeal his conviction to the High Court, according to reports.

Last week the Victorian Court of Appeal upheld the Cardinal’s conviction for five child sex offences, rejecting arguments that the jury could not have found him guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Cardinal Pell has now reportedly instructed his legal team to seek special leave to appeal to the High Court, the court of final resort in Australia.

It has been reported that the Cardinal was advised that the dissenting opinion of Justice of Appeals Mark Weinberg, who found that the jury should have had a reasonable doubt, provides sufficient basis upon which to lodge an appeal with the High Court.

A hearing to determine whether special leave will be granted is expected to take place before the end of the year. In the meantime, Cardinal Pell will return to prison to continue his six-year sentence.

If his appeal is unsuccessful, he will remain in prison for at least three years and eight months, before being eligible for parole.

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