ADF looking to deploy military tech to Antarctica

ADF looking to deploy military tech to Antarctica

Speaking notes obtained by the ABC have revealed the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is seeking to deploy civil and military technology in Antarctica.

The notes, which were contained in a briefing document, describe “valuable opportunities to enhance military capability by implementing certain technologies in the Antarctic”.

“Australia and other likeminded states need to maintain a collective influence in the Antarctic Treaty System in order to prevent the gradual undermining of its strength,” the documents read.

“This does not mean that we cannot, or should not, utilise the opportunity for implementing dual‐use capabilities where we can, but priority should always favour legitimate scientific utility.”

The documents do not elaborate on the technology the ADF hopes to install, but there is reference to surveillance equipment that can be used for “tracing and monitoring satellites of other nations”.

The United States, Russia and China already use satellite navigation technology in Antarctica that can be repurposed for military use.

This so-called dual use technology is not banned under the Antarctic Treaty, which deters militarisation of the South Pole.

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