Norwegian mosque shooting investigated as a “possible act of terrorism”

Norwegian mosque shooting investigated as a “possible act of terrorism”

A shooting at a Norwegian mosque on Saturday is being investigated as a “possible act of terrorism”, police said on Sunday (local time).

Shots were fired during the attack on the Al-Noor Islamic Centre near Oslo, but no one was killed or injured and the suspected perpetrator was overpowered by a person inside the mosque before police arrived.

The suspect had expressed far-right and anti-immigrant views online, assistant police chief Rune Skjold said during a news conference.

“We’re investigating this as an attempt at carrying out an act of terrorism,” he said.

Three people were present in the mosque at the time of the attack, preparing for the celebration of the Eid al-Adha festival that began on Sunday, a spokesperson for the mosque said.

Mohammad Rafiq, 65, was the first to approach the attacker.

“I suddenly heard shooting from outside,” he said, adding that a man then entered the building with guns. “He started to fire towards the two other men.”

Mr Rafiq grabbed the attacker and wrestled the weapons away from him.

The alleged perpetrator is also suspected of killing one of his own family members, who was founded dead at his home.

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