Boris Johnson orders review of dangerous offenders’ sentences

Boris Johnson orders review of dangerous offenders’ sentences

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a review of sentencing of offenders in response to concerns that dangerous criminals are being let out of prison too soon.

The Prime Minister’s office said on Sunday (local time) that the review would focus on whether violent and sexual offenders are receiving sentences that adequately reflect the seriousness of their crimes.

“We have all seen examples of rapists and murderers let out too soon or people offending again as soon as they’re released,” Mr Johnson said in a statement. “This ends now. We want them caught, locked up, punished and properly rehabilitated.”

He will host senior police and probation officials on Monday to discuss the review.

Mr Johnson has kept crime and other domestic issues high on the Government’s agenda since replacing Theresa May as Prime Minister last month.

Earlier on Sunday he announced 10,000 more prison places and 20,000 more police officers, as well as the planned introduction of additional stop-and-search powers for police.

His focus on domestic issues has led to speculation that he is planning to call an election ahead of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31 October this year.

The Prime Minister has insisted that the United Kingdom will leave the EU by that date, regardless of whether an agreement with Brussels is accepted by the British Parliament.

His predecessor failed three times to convince Parliament to support her deal with the EU, but an election could improve the Government’s majority and secure the passage of legislation necessary to give effect to Brexit.

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