UK’s Boris Johnson eyes Australia’s immigration points-based system

UK’s Boris Johnson eyes Australia’s immigration points-based system

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed an interest for amnesty for illegal immigrants on Thursday (local time), telling the House of Commons the UK must “continue to attract the best and brightest talent from around the world.”

He added he wanted to introduce and Australian-style points-based system for visas for skilled overseas workers.

Mr Johnson said he would ask the British Government’s Migration Advisory Committee to review the Australian system “as the first step of a radical rewriting of our immigration system.”

Asked about the 100,000 annual target for net migration, which was proposed by former UK Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010 but has never been met, Mr Johnson’s spokesperson said he “wasn’t interested in a number’s game.”

Mr Johnson also expressed interest in an amnesty for illegal immigrants when it was raised in the Commons by Labour MP Rupa Huq.

He said it was important to “look at our arrangements for people who have lived and worked here for a long time,” but do not have the right documents.

When he was London mayor, Mr Johnson called for an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Mr Johnson also said in his Commons statement the 3.2 million EU nationals living in the UK would have “the absolute certainty of the right to live and remain” in Britain after Brexit.

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