More clashes in Hong Kong between police and protesters

More clashes in Hong Kong between police and protesters

Clashes between police and protesters have continued in Hong Kong over a controversial extradition bill that would allow Beijing to extradite Hong Kong residents to mainland China.

The latest protest began late on Sunday afternoon (local time) when a small group of protesters threw objects at police, dismantled roadside metal barriers and set up barricades to separate themselves from police, who formed into a line.

Protesters put on face masks, helmets and goggles and armed themselves with umbrellas in case police used pepper spray.

However, events turned particularly violent toward the end of the demonstration when police started clearing the streets after nightfall.

Protesters were chased into a shopping centre in Sha Tin just after 10:00pm (local time).

Riot police and protesters clashed inside the shopping centre, with officers using pepper spray against the demonstrators while protesters threw objects such as umbrellas and plastic water bottles at police.

In a statement late on Sunday, the Hong Kong Government said it strongly condemned protesters who “blocked roads, violently assaulted police officers and caused a breach of peace.”

The extradition bill has since been suspended by Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, who declared the bill “dead.” However, citizens fear it could be revived.

Additionally, there are now calls for democratic reform by the protesters.

On Sunday, many protesters chanted “I want real universal suffrage.”

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