Angela Merkel seen visibly shaking for the third time in a month

Angela Merkel seen visibly shaking for the third time in a month

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been seen visibly shaking for the third time in a month at a military honours ceremony in Berlin on Wednesday (local time), while standing next to Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne.

The shaking occurred while Ms Merkel was standing still, and stopped once she started walking.

After the event, Ms Merkel told reporters she was “fine” and not to worry about her health.

This is the third instance of uncontrollable shaking the German Chancellor has experienced in a month.

The first incident occurred on 18 June during a military honours ceremony she attended with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

On that occasion, Ms Merkel said she was fine afterwards, after drinking three glasses of water.

The second occurrence was on 27 June, where Ms Merkel was in attendance at the German President’s palace as he commented on the swearing-in of a new justice minister.

Following the most recent incident, Mrs Merkel said: “I will have to live with it for a while now, but I am very well and people don’t have to be worried.”

It is not known if Ms Merkel has any health problems.

The country’s privacy laws are very strict on public figure’s health information.

A spokesperson for Ms Merkel, Ulrike Demmer, declined to comment on whether there had been other incidents of shaking beyond the three public ones.

Medical experts have played down Ms Merkel’s shaking, saying there are multiple potential causes for tremor.

Ms Merkel said last year she will not seek a fifth term as German Chancellor and will not seek a political job after her current term ends in 2021.

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