Hong Kong: Controversial extradition bill “dead”, says Lam

Hong Kong: Controversial extradition bill “dead”, says Lam

Hong Kong’s head of government Carrie Lam has said a controversial bill that would have allowed extradition to the Chinese mainland is “dead”.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Ms Lam declared the Government’s work on the bill a “total failure”, but again stopped short of announcing its complete withdrawal, as protesters have demanded.

The proposed legislation sparked weeks of demonstrations across the city, prompting the Government to previously announce that progress on the bill would be suspended indefinitely.

Under the “one country, two systems” arrangement, Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China that enjoys significant autonomy from Beijing. The former British colony has an independent judiciary, a separate legal system, a capitalist economy, its own currency, and control over customs, immigration and extradition.

Critics of the extradition bill have argued that it would undermine Hong Kong’s rule of law and its standing as an international financial centre.

Ms Lam confirmed that the Government does not intend to proceed with the bill and took full responsibility for the unrest.

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