“Divided States of America”: Trump addresses Fourth of July parade

“Divided States of America”: Trump addresses Fourth of July parade

United States President Donald Trump’s Salute to America has drawn both praise and ire from the American public, highlighting the US’ political polarisation on a day that typically unites rather than divides.

Mr Trump is the first president in nearly seven decades to address a Fourth of July parade as his predecessors sought to avoid politicising the national day.

In an address to supporters in Washington, the US President said the “future of American freedom” lay with those willing to defend it, as it did when America was founded.

Mr Trump said “there will be nothing that America cannot do” as long as Americans remembered the nation’s history and “never stop fighting for a better future.”

He praised each branch of the US Military, hailing their history before flyovers by aircraft from each service.

The event finished up with a demonstration from the Navy’s Blue Angels aerobatics team.

However, Mr Trump’s Salute to America was not received positively by everyone.

Critics inflated a roly-poly balloon depicting President Trump as an angry, nappy-wearing baby, in the shadow of the Washington Monument.

Many accused him of turning the parade into a self-aggrandising rally.

Prominent Democrats, including presidential hopefuls Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, dismissed the event as being a political exercise for Mr Trump and a waste of taxpayer money.

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