Trystxn: “FIND OUT” about the new noise emerging from the Mountains

Trystxn: “FIND OUT” about the new noise emerging from the Mountains

From the Mountains to your ears, Trystxn is coming for you with a quick wit and infinite flow.

We, as well as Trystxn, also hail from the Blue Mountains. To see the emergence of talent, ambition and drive all in the DIY sense makes us so happy!

We can’t help but get behind such a driven individual, especially when it’s a mate of ours kicking goals and creating his own sound. Trystxn draws on his own emotions and thoughts to produce a new, yet authentic sound inspired by what’s happening to and around him.

We got a chance to have a little chat with Trystxn about starting out and his own process and way of creating his art. We talk inspirations, his creative process, what’s coming up and more!

Twins: Tell us a little about yourself and how you started out. 

Trystxn: I’ve always been super interested in music. I used to be obsessed with heavy shit.

For a few years in school, you wouldn’t see me without earphones blasting Pierce the Veil [and] Bullet for my Valentine. I picked up a guitar and the first song I learnt was Bullet for my Valentine’s “Tears Don’t Fall”. Still one of my favourites.

I always wanted to write songs but never knew how. Every time shit was going on in my life I’d try to write a song about it but could never figure out how to make it sound lit, y’know? It’s been probably six or seven years since, and only in the past two years have I really been able to chuck some good lyrics together.

Twins: What initially inspired you to write songs?

Trystxn: My inspiration is definitely what’s going on around me, how I feel and how the people around me feel. I’ll meet a girl at the club and if she makes me feel a way then I got a whole song written by the next day.

If a mate’s goin’ through a rough time, I’ll rhyme that shit. Lyrics flow through my head constantly. Drives me insane sometimes.

Three hours a day man, no joke. I’m constantly writing. The more you do something the more efficient you get. I’m starting to finish songs in like 20 minutes for real.

Twins: What styles of music and artists are you inspired by?

Trystxn: I used to hate on pop & hip hop etc, like the emo boy I was. And I think it’s simply because I couldn’t relate to the lyrics. 

One night, cruisin’ Youtube, I came across Drake and decided to give him a solid go. Ended up listening to the full album & quickly became obsessed with his style. 

From then onwards most of my writing inspiration is from artists like Drake, G-Eazy, XXXTentacion, Lil Skies, Lil Peep, Trippie Redd and Lil Uzi.

Twins: Correct us if we’re wrong, but you grew up in The Blue Mountains. We’re impressed you’ve created this kind of sound from growing up in this area. In the nicest possible way, you’re an outlier for typical “Mountains Music”. Do you find it intimidating being one of the only people doing your type of music in this area?

Trystxn: Yep, spent my whole life in the Blue Mountains area. Is it intimidating? Nah, I’m just doing my thing. Circumstance and people don’t bother me much. Every path we follow was created by an outlier so that’s quite the compliment.

If someone notices me in public or at a party, they’ll say “Oh you’re that rapper!” I find it funny that playing around with a mic & beats has given me a bit of a title. It’s like, “Hey, you’re that photographer.” Being seen for your art is a great feeling in my opinion.

Twins: You’ve recently uploaded your first single “FIND OUT” on YouTube. Tell us about the process of recording and what the song means to you.

Trystxn: We recently released ‘FIND OUT’ on YouTube, featuring Young Rells. I’ve been following his music for a while and we decided it’s about time we hit the studio together. I took the beat home and wrote out some lyrics, thought of a few structures and that’s the outcome. Spent heaps of time makin’ sure the song was smooth and the video was perfect. 

Twins: What can we expect in the future?

Trystxn: Plenty more music. I’ve been working constantly on it and I’m really looking forward to releasing more songs. More videos and doing a few live shows once I’ve dropped more.
So much to do in what feels like so little time!

We encourage everyone to check out “FIND OUT“!

With absolute killer drive and determination, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for Trystxn!