PREMIERE: All Aboard! Rhysics to release new single “Missed My Train”

PREMIERE: All Aboard! Rhysics to release new single “Missed My Train”

Rhysics is back and more relatable than ever!

Rhys Renwick (front man), Bridget Chilver (keys), Ben Hall (drums), Sammy Strawbags (bass) and Nolan Bennett (lead guitar) are all brimming with talent and coolness, and have joined forces to create the band Rhysics — a beautiful mix of rock, synth and good times.

Following the release of their single and video “Better“, the Melbourne based group are back with Newest single “Missed My Train”.

This track was recorded and produced at Secret Location by Paul Maybury and Mikey Young. Front Man Rhys commented on working with Paul in an interview with us.

Rhys said: “Wow he’s the best. He’s like my punk dad and he knows us so well as a band. It was really cool to work with him and pretend to be a real band for a couple of days.”

Rhysics brings both melodic and desperate tones and pairs them with a triumphant combination of upbeat synth, guitar and drums, creating a unique and enticing track that is best described as candy to the ear. This song is so damn relatable.  After missing a train, it’s like you become a connoisseur of how to either kick on, stay awake or find somewhere to sleep, all while dreading that impending Uber ride cost.

Front man Rhys muses on how he’s going to try and make it through the night after an expensive one. From sleeping on the floor of Central Station in Sydney, to floor/couch/car/bed surfing different areas of the Aus music scene — this is a far too real situation for us. It’s good to know that these guys from Melbourne have the same issues!

It is an ode to not only the trains and trams which could 100% should run longer, in our opinion, but also the beautiful people you meet along the way, letting you stay at their places with hearts of gold and floors/cars/couches/beds that feel like cotton in comparison to the freezing floor of Central.

Unbeatably pleading “Can I stay?”, Rhys brings the listeners to a relatable position. Rhysics has put out another anthem for punks and musos everywhere. Go give it a listen! We bet you won’t be able to get this track out of your heads. We haven’t yet and to be honest, we don’t really want to. 

Find “Missed My Train” on Spotify here.