You can teach Physics, but you just can’t teach Rhysics

You can teach Physics, but you just can’t teach Rhysics

Rhysics — what a guy, what a band!

Pronounced ‘rizz-icks’ (we’ve consulted some ripper and knowledgeable sources to confirm this conclusion!), Rhysics is a band of five super talented individuals consisting of members Rhys Renwick (front man), Bridget Chilver (keys), Ben Hall (drums), Sammy Strawbags (bass) and Nolan Bennett (lead guitar) who, when put together, create this unbelievable sense of joy, passion, and fun while really hitting some strong emotions and feelings! 

Front man and Rhysics founder Rhys is an individual we’ve kept tabs on since we first heard of him — we will explain why. We hope we don’t come across as creepy as that last sentence sounded.

It’s kind of funny how we discovered Rhysics. It wasn’t our usual bumble into a pub, get whacked in the face and ear holes with some bloody unreal sounds and stage presence. 

Instead, we initially saw Rhys as Rhysics conducting an interview with The Pinheads for Bone Soup. It was a memorable interview full of laughter, screaming, food lust, glass and chaos. We had an instant admiration for this dude as he was everything we wanted to be with our journalistic endeavours. The pure excitement and fun that came from the work created was just fantastic — we were all about it.

When we found out Rhys had music with a band of other talented individuals, it was like happy hour and payday combined, both of us trying to indulge as fast as we could and enjoying the fruit of our labour. 

We got the opportunity to speak to Rhys himself. We chatted about all things muso, journo, alco, and some new show-ohs… can you see we tried to keep that rhyme pattern?

Twins: We initially discovered you through Bone Soup chatting with The Pinheads. You’ve also chatted with the likes of Skegss and Lazertits. Your presence was so enigmatic and just plain funny. How did interviewing bands come about for you? 

Rhys: I Think it was Pablo’s [from Bone Soup] idea to just shove me in front of a camera with some bands and ask them some questions that no one ever asks.

I love being an idiot on and off camera and we know so many amazing bands from playing shows together, so it made sense to try and cash in on it.

Twins: You come across like a natural. Is this something you enjoy doing? Can we expect to see more in the future? 

Rhys: Well, the problem was that I ended up getting super drunk most of the time because I was so nervous about talking to all my favourite bands. It was heaps of fun, but I think I don’t quite have the journalistic integrity or the liver to do them very regularly.

Twins: Your song “Bin Juice” from your Idiot Rock EP is our anthem before a night out. What’s your anthem before a night out?

Rhys: Right now I been blasting “Juice” by Lizzo before, during and after a big night out. Wow, I guess I like juice songs.

Twins: Could you tell us a kooky story you’ve had on a night out?  Maybe one that could have inspired “Bin Juice”?

Rhys: Bin Juice is probably most inspired by a night I saw Drunk Mums at Cherry Bar when I was like 19.

I got kicked out for vomiting in the doorway and while I was standing in the alleyway someone threw an egg at me from an apartment above and it landed in my pocket.

I got on the Sunbury line home and fell asleep and woke up at St Albans station, which is like 5 stops past my stop and that was the last train.

It started to rain, and I really needed to poo and the only place undercover and kind of private was the entrance to a police station, so I pooed there.

No phone because my friends took it, so I didn’t embarrass myself by posting something. No money ’cause I’d spent it all. No taxi’s anywhere. No train till 5:00am and I was really really thirsty. I tried to drink rain off the leaves and from the sky and I ended up trying to drink water out of a car’s windshield cleaner water. It was soapy.

All I wanted to do was drink this pool of water that had collected near the bottom of a bin and I said “Bin Juice” to myself and realised it sounded like binge use so I made a song about getting messed up on naughty drinks as a warning but also a celebration.

It was a really dumb night, here’s a photo from the night.

NOTE: To say we are bloody impressed with this story would be an understatement. Puts all of our stories to shame! It also makes us think very intently about the physics of how that egg managed to survive a fall from a window to a pocket. 

Twins: After the advent of Idiot Rock and many tracks after, you were struck with the affliction of breaking your leg very badly, with a huge recovery time as well. During your time in hospital, you composed Road to Rhyscovery. Could you tell us how the process of creating music while in hospital was? 

Rhys: It was really hard to be creative and motivated during that time. I was in hospital for about a month, and in a wheelchair [and] on crutches at home for another four months. It meant my whole day was either on my phone composing [or] arranging dumb synth stuff on GarageBand or playing guitar. It really sucked but I got pretty good at guitar and GarageBand in that time.

Twins: Would you say the state you were in and location affected the sound and decision of melodies for your tracks on Rhyscovery opposed to, say, Idiot Rock? Why, Why not? 

Rhysics: Well, for Idiot Rock we recorded the drums, bass and rhythm guitar live and wrote half of those six songs that day in the studio. So it was very quick and dirty and it was all made with real instruments.

But for Road To Rhyscovery, I had six months to create four [or] five songs with nothing else in my life that I physically could do, including going to a studio or even a place with guitar amps or drums. So the only real instruments on the whole EP are ones I could record in my hospital room [and] bedroom. I also think the melodies had a lot more time to develop. Every time I would play the song for myself I could hear another thing that needed a tweak so some of the songs are very dense with melodies and chord progressions.

Twins: You have a song called “Better“. We love it as you’re really raw and real about how you’ve been feeling but still keep this upbeat, fun kind of melody we love to hear in Rhysics. Do you reckon it’s important to have this kind of depth or duality of emotion in your music?

Rhys: Yeah for sure. I love having some meat on the bones, lyrics wise. I remember seeing some Tumblr post when I was like 15 and it said something like ‘when you’re happy you hear the music and when you’re sad you hear the lyrics’. Which to me basically means I can have my cake and eat it too. I can have loads of fun making and playing the music, but also be honest and say things I wanna say and maybe relate to someone.T

Twins: Finally, what is on the horizon for Rhysics? 

Rhys: Well, I’m not very good at planning much but “Missed My Train” is the first of a string of songs we recorded with Paul. I can’t spill too many beans but I can’t wait to put more songs out and to tour again. The second half of 2019 is going to be very busy.

Rhysics is an original and amazing act that we can’t get enough of. We can’t wait to see what is in the works!

In the meantime, if you’re where we wish we were, Melbourne, you can catch Rhysics at Tanswell Commercial Hotel on 28 June and at the Evelyn Hotel on 6 July!