Protests to overshadow May-Trump talks

Protests to overshadow May-Trump talks

United States President Donald Trump’s talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May will take place amid mass protests across the United Kingdom, including in London’s iconic Trafalgar Square.

Mr Trump is on a three-day state visit to the UK and has so far called London Mayor Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser” and seemingly failed to recognise the gift he and his wife Melania gave to the Queen.

He also drew controversy ahead of his trip by calling the Duchess of Sussex “nasty”.

Prime Minister May is expected to talk to the US President about topics on which they hold differing positions, such as climate change.

Meanwhile, thousands are expected to partake in the so-called Stand Up To Trump protests in London, with British Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn set to address demonstrators.

One such protester told the BBC: “All people representing different strands today are coming together to show people in America that we do stand in opposition — not just to the person, but the ideas and the kind of world view he wants to put forward.”

On his first day in the UK, Mr Trump met Queen Elizabeth and was treated to a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

During the dinner, the Queen delivered a speech in which she stressed the importance of multilateral institutions forged after the Second World War — a clear message to Mr Trump, whose presidency has been defined by his often isolationist agenda.

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