Sun Creeps: Bringing the heat!

Sun Creeps: Bringing the heat!

Consisting of Soup, Jaz and Jyelan from Western Sydney’s Camden, the three-piece that is Sun Creeps produce some punchy, garage-punk tunes that we can’t get enough of! We are enthralled by the drive and passion these guys put into their tracks and on stage. They’re also always super fun!

After opening for some huge Aussie faves such as Pist Idiots, Sun Creeps are getting their time to shine as headliners in their own stomping grounds of Camden.

Often we see these guys out and about be it playing their ripper sets, or seeing them supporting other up and coming Aussie acts in the Sydney scene.

We got a chance to ask some questions via email. We chatted about the show, the importance of music venues, Soulja Boy and much more!

Twins: You are putting Camden on the map for some pretty ripper music. How important is it to support bands from more regional/suburban areas? 

Sun Creeps: Yeah super important! We always show much love and support for every band we play with, there’s so many good bands hidden away with no venues to play. We need more venues!

Twins: How important is it that more regional areas are given platforms for music and creative outlets, etc? Is it something that has helped you guys out, having venues in Camden?

Sun Creeps: Every regional area needs at least one venue to support live music and hold some gigs regularly. It’s helped us out big time having a venue [five minutes] from home. We played our first ever gig there and had a packed crowd of all our mates. It was the funnest time ever for us and gave us a good push [we] reckon! 

Twins: You guys have done supports for some huge bands. Pist Idiots spring to mind. What inspired you guys to do your own headline show? 

Sun Creeps: We actually got hit up by Issac Lewis, the man who runs all the gigs in Camden. He asked if we wanna do a headline show for the long weekend and of course we were stoked!

Twins: You guys play some pretty interesting areas and sets. What’s the weirdest/funny/most interesting set you’ve played as a band? 

Sun Creeps: One time at a Fred’s gig, we had a wall of death to our cover of “Crank That” by Soulja Boy, then the power cut out and the seccy got on stage to try [to] stop us playin’. We then signed a dudes gatorbueg.

Twins: How did you go about picking your supports for your headline show? 

Sun Creeps: Isaac picked all the supports but will be sick playin’ with our mates!

Twins: What can we expect on the night? 

Sun Creeps: Heaps [of] beers. It’s our mate Mike’s 21st so we’re gonna get him up for a jam and make him scull his beer!

Twins: You guys always look like you’re having a good time. Alive or dead, any category, who would you take back to your kick on? 

Sun Creeps: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Johnny Knoxville and Bob Hawke.

Twins: Anything else you care to share?

Sun Creeps: We are gonna be getting a start on recording our EP in the next coupla weeks!

That kick on sounds pretty ripper to us, and so does their headline show at Upstairs at Fred’s! You can catch them there on the 9 June!