Two more bodies found in connection with German crossbow deaths

Two more bodies found in connection with German crossbow deaths

A further two bodies have been found as police investigate the deaths of three people discovered in a Bavarian hotel room who had been impaled with crossbow bolts.

The two women were found dead at a flat in Wittingen, Lower Saxony, which belongs to one of the three people killed almost 700 km away at the hotel in Passau, Bavaria on Saturday.

Police said they were unable to immediately identify the additional bodies, but confirmed that they had not been killed by crossbow bolts.

Investigators have not been able to determine the relationship between the three killed in Passau, but have found no indications that anyone other than the victims were involved.

A 53-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman from Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany’s southwest and a 30-year-old woman last registered as living in Wittingen were killed.

Authorities have stated that the man and the older woman were lying together in bed and were found holding hands with several crossbow bolts in them. The younger woman was found lying on the floor with a single bolt in her body.

Two crossbows were found at the scene, and a third unused crossbow inside a bag.

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