The Gurdies: shooting off to Mars

The Gurdies: shooting off to Mars

Consisting of mates from Melbourne, The Gurdies deliver a unique, raw energy. Their live show is undeniably remarkable. The sheer passion and grit these guys exude is immense!

But before we get into that, there’s a bit of context. We were recently split up for a couple of weeks — can you believe it?! You see, one of us was in Melbourne while the other was in Sydney.

Knowing The Gurdies were Melburnians, the twin deployed in Melbourne (Sam) was super keen to catch a show. Unfortunately though, it was not to be. But, when reunited Sydney-side, we both rejoiced at the news they would be coming to Sydney; we then kicked each other’s arses because we couldn’t attend the show in Syd.

Living simultaneously through one of our great mates via Instagram DM, she told us how good they were and that their show was easily one of the best sets she had ever seen — she’s a very reliable source that knows her stuff. We couldn’t believe what we had missed out on.

All was not lost though because it turned out they were playing a show in Wollongong. So, in a split second, we decided to make our very first music pilgrimage to the Gong for their set.

Running to make up for time lost with what we wish was bad navigation but was more driver error, we made it to their set mid song. It just so happened to be our fav Gurdies jingle — “Alone“.

Now, back to business. The Gurdies were amazing live! In fact, enthralling might be a more accurate description. Their stage presence was unreal, though they didn’t really stay on stage! Akin to a group of curious beings, they constantly moved around the area, standing on tables, climbing the walls and leaning into punters’ pub feeds and schooners, all with warm smiles and an equally warm reception from the locals.

After their show, we got a chance to have a little chat with the guys around the boot of their car, minus the band’s drummer, Troy, as he had a flight to catch immediately after their set.

How did you guys all form as The Gurdies?

Jai: We had an old band, it was called Smegma? A while ago, we were jamming and I was trying to sing. I’m not that good of a singer, and Ben [vocalist] was in another band. We started jamming with him and came up with some songs and we were just like, “Ah yeah we’ll just do that! We’ll just keep going because it’s better then me singing.”

How’d you guys all initially meet?

Ben: I was in another band, Jai [bassist] hit me up before I even met him to play this house party.

Jai: I had this house party when I was like 16 and I was like, “Hey Ben, can you play at my party?” And he said yes and rocks up with a 6 pack and I was like woah because I had never seen beer in my life.

Where would you say your inspirations for your music come from?

Jai: Our first album we really didn’t have heaps of inspiration, it was just a lot of stuff that Ben came up with. He wrote a lot of the songs on our first album.

Ben: I did solo stuff and it was more low-key pretty chilled stuff.

Would you describe your solo stuff to being similar to The Gurdies’ sound?

Ben: No. *laughs*

How is it different in The Gurdies?

Ben: Well for starters I’m not playing the guitar, so it makes me want to be more aggressive. Nikita and Nathan [guitarists] are like really into heavy metal and doom bands. They write riffs like that. It’s more fun to sing over.

Jai: Lately our influences have probably been Tropical Fuck Storm, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Horace Bones, Tony Dork, Private Function

Ben: And… Australiana.

You guys play a pretty hectic and immersive set. Has it ever gone too far?

Jai: A couple of nights back Ben was throwing chairs.

Nikita: During Rehearsal I’ve cut my head open.


Nikita: On a music stand. I was headbanging. It got on camera as well! The blood was pouring.

Jai: The first album was a bit softer, so we didn’t really go as hard, and then we’re like, “This is real fun live!” So we’ve started doing more heavy music so we can perform it live.

Nathan: Also, being inspired by the bands we just mentioned, seeing them do it, it’s just really good to watch.

Ben: I could be deaf and still enjoy it.

In 2018 you released your EP Hair of the Dog. Can you tell us a little about that process?

Nathan: We did a lot of Ben’s songs. I think the only one that was my song was “Footy Boys” and we did covers as well and jammed those. We had a rehearsal space at a factory. It sounded terrible, it was so bloody loud. We’ve got a new space now. We did it all track by track.

Our favourite track is “Alone“. What are your favourites? 

Nathan: My favourite to play live is our new one, “Don’t Trust Me”.

All: That’s the working title.

Ben: I like that one too. It’s so in your face, punchy and erratic.

Nikita: It steals the riff which is pretty sick.

Jai: I like that one. We also wrote this new one. We just call it “The Punker”, the worst working title ever *laughs. All our new songs are way more fun, they’re a little bit heavier. 

You guys are from Melbourne. Would you say that the scene is different from somewhere like here [North Gong Hotel]?

All: Yeah!

How so?

Jai: It’s a lot better *laughs*.

Ben: It’s funny, like everyone in the scene in Melbourne wants to be in a band. Everyone you meet in the northern suburbs of Melbourne is in a band and goes to gigs every weekend.

Jai: And there’s a lot of fans here in Sydney, [but] like there’s a lot of people put to watch you. We’ve also found [Sydney] is so much stricter. We were playing a gig the other night, and Nathan had his amp facing up.

Nathan: They wanted me to put it on a stand. It looked like it was gonna shoot off to Mars. It was almost facing the wrong way, and I was like, “Can I just put it on the floor?” And she said, “We’re actually gonna void your contract if you put it on the floor.” She pretty much guilted me into leaving it on the stand.

Jai: The sheet for that venue was like 20 pages long. There were so many terms and conditions, I think we broke a few but *laughs*.

Ben: After we play everyone’s super nice to us anyway. They’re like, “Send your amp to mars!” *Laughs*

What can you spill about your 2019?

Ben: Massive things.

Nakita: We’re doing this massive tour. Like 60 days in America

Nathan: With the Rolling Stones!

Nakita: And it’s all sold out! *Laughs*

Jai: Nah, we’re doing an album. We’re recording in a few months and trying to head out and do a bigger east coast tour than this one around maybe September, October; haven’t looked at dates yet, but yeah, album and tour!

Anything else you want to add?

Nakita: *burps*

Any Band recommendations for us?

All: Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice and Horace Bones. We love Horace bones!