PM says Australian IS members will not return home

PM says Australian IS members will not return home

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reiterated that his government will not allow Australian Islamic State members to return to the country.

In response to pleas for help from an Australian woman trapped with her two children in a refugee camp for IS families, Mr Morrison declared that he would not put Australians at risk by helping home-grown extremists to return from the Middle East.

The woman is being held at a refugee camp in north-east Syria and told the ABC that she wants to return home because her baby is sick.

“Both of my kids are sick,” she said.

“[My daughter is] very malnourished, she’s … very skinny. I have no money, I’m not allowed to have money, they don’t give us food here and they don’t let us contact our families.

“I understand the anger that they have towards a lot of us here, but the kids don’t need to suffer.

“You know my kids have a right at least to be treated like normal kids.”

The Prime Minister said it was a “great tragedy” that IS supporters had taken their children into war zones.

“If you’re coming home, you’re coming home to face the full force of the law,” he said.

“The great tragedy is how children get caught up in the crimes against Australia of their parents.

“They have placed their children in this horrendous position.

“They have to take responsibility for those decisions to join up with terrorists who are fighting Australia.

“I’m not going to put any Australian at risk to try to extract people from those situations.

“There is a process for us to deal with them under Australian law, and they will face the full force of Australian law should they be in a position to seek to come back.”

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