Four questions with FETES

Four questions with FETES

We first heard of the killer project that is FETES when we stumbled upon Cristian Campano after seeing him and his band Food Court play.

We are big fans of Food Court and seized the opportunity to talk to the lead singer about the music industry, why Food Court didn’t play “I’ve been wrong” and FETES, all while Cristian generously shared his jug of beer with us.

Through hearing FETES’ music, we decided this music is something that people need to get around. We would love to share our brief introduction to the enigmatic presence of FETES with four questions.

Twins: Can you tell us the origin story of FETES?

Cristian: I started FETES in 2018 as a new solo project. I’ve been writing, recording and playing with Food Court for over 5 years now and half the time I’d write completely different types of songs as that’s just what came out. I love writing garage punk but I needed a place to record and release these other songs that were a lil’ less angsty and more psychedelic, anthemic and uplifting, so I came up with the name FETES as it had a nice chill vibe to it.

Twins: The sound you create through FETES is completely different to that of the band you front, Food Court. What was it that inspired this particular change of sound and genre, specifically in comparison to your other projects?

Christian: I’ve always loves psych pop bands like Temples, Pond, Post Animal, Methyl Ethyl, Tame Impala, Parcels so my writing became skewed towards that style. Especially focusing on trying to write in falsetto as I wanted to test myself in a higher vocal register. And I love the way these artists conjure up epicly dreamy and majestic song structures so I really wanted to try and do it myself.

On the song writing inspiration it sounds lame but the new songs would just kind of come to me or appear out of nowhere when I’d least expect. It would always be that 30 mins when I’d pick up my acoustic after work and before going out to meet friends where a few chords would be played then a vocal melody would just appear in my head and come out. Or just before I would go to sleep an idea would pop into my head so I’d warble it into my voice memos in my phone and revisit it the next day. Or drunk in a pub toilet I’d sing an idea into my Voice Memos. Sometimes when I’d dedicate a whole day to write and no cool ideas would eventuate and I’d come up with nothing. I don’t know why it happens like that but that seems to be the way I write music. It’s a fucking strange and wonderful thing.

Twins: You’ve recently done a move from Sydney to Port Macquarie. Has this provoked a change in your creative processes? Has the move benefited you in any way creatively?

Christian: Yeah it’s been rad as I was working as a graphic designer in Sydney and was always on gnarly deadlines so I was getting super burnt out and would find it hard to find proper time to record demos. Now I’m freelance designing in Port Macqaurie and living the slower beach life so if i’m feeling inspired to write or play music I can just do that which is fucking liberating.

Twins: Dreamy, nostalgic and whimsical is exactly what your newest single is to us. What memories and experiences in particular inspired your newest track “Twenty Thirty Seven“?

Christian: The single paid homage to my hometown, with lyrics recalling pivotal moments growing up as a mixed-race child in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Glebe. I was born to a Spanish father and an Australian mother and my ethnicity was a source of inspiration for this new single. I was thinking about all those things that you worry about now in life, that back then when you were eight or nine years-old you just didn’t care about. Then I got in contact with Curtis [aka Kuren] and we worked on the track together till we had it nailed. The clip for the single Twenty Thirty Seven was mostly shot on my iPhone during the seven-hour journey from Port Macqaurie back to the city, then I found some old home videos from my childhood in Glebe and spliced them in.

Do keep your eye on FETES as they have mentioned to us that they are “also working on some really artistic and interesting video clips as that process is fun as.”

Whatever this maybe we are beyond excited to see its outcome, as FETES is so passionate and hardworking we can only imagine the spoils of this hard work and we will excitedly await any official release of information.

There you have it. Four questions with fantastic answers from our newfound friend. Be sure to keep your ears out for more FETES. We know we will!