Filthy Crew: Curating a show near you

Filthy Crew: Curating a show near you

Today we bring to you someone we admire and want you all to appreciate too!

Initially we had met said person, Luka Flanagan, at the beginning of 2018. It was in a fit of smoke, music, and lots of giddy laughter from your dopey twins.

In further conversing with our newest friend, we were beyond shocked to believe that this guy had just turned 18. He was two years our junior, and he had such a nice presence and knowledge of the music and artists we had been experiencing.

We were even more shocked to believe that he had come all the way from the Wollongong area to see a Sydney show, really putting our mountains train ride to shame in regards to commitment.

His dedication and pure knowledge and curiosity was positively infectious. We knew instantly that we had just met someone special. We have been lucky enough to see him around when we bumble into Sydney to see shows.

We decided to have a chat to this powerhouse and learn more about him and his work.

Luka creates and curates some bloody amazing stuff. He does it through his label, Filthy Crew. We wanted to know what it was that had initially started this interest in creating shows.

Luka: “I’ve always been really interested in putting on shows, it always fascinated me for whatever reason. I think I always liked the idea of getting some of my favourite bands together to play a show. For my 18th birthday I decided to do just that. I was setting up the show but my good friend Jimmy from Yours and Owls, who I was doing the show through, asked me to put on a show before this as a way to prove myself and thus that’s how the first Filthy Crew was birthed. I pretty much just asked all my mates to play the show and they happily did, and it ended up being a really fun show.”

Although only just turning one, this label has seen the likes of Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong and beyond. Luka told us of his Melbourne venture.

Luka: “Melbourne was amazing! It was so cool to go to a completely different part of the country and watch your mates play. The best part was the reception we got down there. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and you could really tell they are passionate about music. Also, one of my highlights of last year was seeing Horace Bones at Old Bar while we were down there. Horace Bones are one of the best bands I’ve ever seen and seeing them play a hometown show at probably the best venue in Melbourne was such a great experience.”

Not only did the shows go interstate, some Filthy Crew shows sold out due to their popularity. Luka told us how that felt.

Luka: “It was incredibly silly that I sold one show out, but two? That was just ridiculous. I kind of expected Good Doogs show to sell out ’cause they’re massive but it was still a surreal experience. But for Filthmas [show title] that was a whole different beast. That show exceeded every expectation I had. It was Homewrecker’s first Wollongong show back since Yours and Owls and their first headline at Rad. City Rose’s second show in Wollongong and Year6Disco having their first ever show there. Everything says that show shouldn’t have done as well as it did but I’m so happy it did well. Such a good night!”

Each time we look at a new Filthy Crew show the line-up, it’s always so diverse and filled with so many bands that, once having a good listen to, are just fantastic. We wanted to know how Luka managed to do this each time, having such a fresh range of people to experience.

Luka: “I always try to listen to new music and see what’s going on in Australia. It’s insane how many good bands are here. But I just try to put on shows that I know I’d want to see ’cause I guarantee other people feel the same way.”

Filth Fest is Luka’s next and newest venture. Admittedly when we saw this line up it was followed with some excited shouting and gawking from ours truly. The bill is just so extensive; all of the artists on this bill are so different and exciting, bringing forth the grit and passion that the Australian underground scene has. Luka told us about the birth of the newest creation and first fest for Filthy Crew.

Luka: “I wanted to go all out for Filthy Crew’s first birthday so I just went about asking some of my favourite bands to play at Wombarra Bowlo and somehow it all came together. Girl Germs wanted to play up here around then so it worked out well and Dumb Punts were a part of that whole Mountain Sounds ordeal so they had a date free that day. I ended up locking them in on literally the morning the show got announced which was nuts. So far the reception has been insanely positive.”

We are physically kicking ourselves and our spirits that we can’t make this, but you all can. Go and see this show and support Filthy Crew and the stellar acts hand-picked for this fest. Please let us live through you in the most non-creepy way possible!

As mentioned earlier, Luka is 18 and is putting on these incredible shows. In a world where it seems like you have to be older and in a position of power to be listened to or given a platform we see Luka’s work as so inspiring. We got super sappy (you know us) and asked him to give some advice to someone looking at breaking into the scene.

Luka: “I’d say just get involved, go to shows, make friends and just have a go. It’s so cool to get involved in your local music scene and contributing. There’s a fair amount of work that goes into it but if you truly enjoy it you won’t be working for a second.”

Always eager for some more filth, we had to ask Luka to spill the beans on what’s coming up for Filthy Crew.

Luka: “Well, I’m not gonna name names, but in April I’ve got some of the kings of the Sydney underground coming to play their first show in Wollongong which I’m incredibly excited for. Also, we may do some more tours, maybe even a national one. We’ll see how we go though.”

Well, we can say we were excited to hear this announcement! As always at the end of an interview we like to add the option of having the interviewee add something they want to ask or mention if they feel we hadn’t covered something, to which we got a question from Luka.

Luka: “I’ve got a question. When are the twins coming to Wollongong? It’s long overdue.”

We aren’t usually asked questions and find it cool and funny to be answering in a write up.

Twins: “That’s a really good question Luka, if it’s a filthy crew show, we’re going to have to trek it down asap.”

Keep an eye on Filthy Crew and Luka, our latest champion.

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