Summer season song starters

Summer season song starters

Even though we have only just entered summer, we are in the most jovial mood for the summer sounds to come. We have been absolutely spoilt with amazing songs this year, and these three months are no exception! Here are some tracks we have been frothing that have lead us into our fav season!

The Buoys: “Make It Clear”

Opening with a low, gritty guitar riff, “Make It Clear” instantly grabs your attention and forces you to want to listen to what they’re about to say.

The constant tinker and quick pace of the drums only add to the killer quick and melodic vocals projected. “I just wanna see the bigger picture!” is sung at a slower pace, causing these words to fully resonate with the listener.

And just when it couldn’t get any better, they pull out a wicked guitar solo to end this track in a way that is simply so killer.

This tune instantly became one that we have put on heavy rotation. Not only is this track a ripper tune, there is also an excellent music vid!

Clypso feat. Sophiegrophy: “Strange Behaviour”

We fell in in love with Clypso after hearing her track “Middle Ground” with Kwame this year. So when we heard Clypso released another tune we were instantly curious to give it a listen.

This wacky and quirky single just screams fun and good times for us. After we heard the beautiful initial opening vocals for this track we were hooked for the rest of this track. The short but very sweet addition of Sophiegrophy in this track makes this tune even better.

The unconventional combinations of sound that create the backing track combined with Clypso’s sweet vocals make this a funky track that we can’t help but groove and jive to.

Maddy Jane: “The Other Day”

Although this song was initially released back in October, it has quickly sprung back into our hearts and minds with the recent release of “The Other Day” music video.

It is the cutest thing and makes us both really happy.

We love its offbeat humour and irony of the song’s content and the frustrations endured in the lyrics.

We were intially super stoked on this talented lady and Maddy Jane has just made us love her even more with this video!

Preve Endings: “Good Boy”

After the release of “Peaked In High School” we were hooked and super keen on some new tunes from this four piece from Brissy.

This song to us is a perfect mix of easy-going and fully-fledged punk. It is a really original and fun track that has kept us bopping since we first heard it.

We kind of wish that we could shout this to guys who aren’t really getting the hint that the person they’re hitting on isn’t too keen on them or at least shout the “ow owwww”.

We aren’t sure when these guys will make a trek down to Sydney but here’s hoping 2019 we can see these guys live as they’ve quickly become a favourite of ours.

D.L.I.M.C: “Wicker Park” 

This one is a bit of a wildcard as it was released over two years ago and … the band has an American base … and it wasn’t even released in summer … but hear us out.

The song we initially found after watching a MISFIT ‘Lives’ episode. This particular song wasn’t featured but its release partner “I Hope BP explodes” was used as a backing track to the episode showcasing surf, culture and an overall good time in Sri Lanka.

Intrigued by the song, we found “Wicker Park” and we fell in love with it. This short, high impact track grabs you and doesn’t let go. From the retro intro to the glorious chorus, it just suspends you in audio bliss. We loved it even before the vocals started.

The song is one of sarcasm and disdain of the upper class alternative. We had to include it in here so you could give it a listen too.

So there you have it, some summer faves of ours so far. We hope you are having a great summer and give these songs a go!