Sk8ergrrrl: Don’t say cya later

Sk8ergrrrl: Don’t say cya later

Sk8ergrrrl are an all girl five piece from Sydney’s inner suburbs.

The band consists of members Ida (Vocals), Sophia (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Lucia (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Jess (Bass) and Charlie (Drums), and even though they’re still in high school these girls are a force to be reckoned with!

Their passion for music and their amazing talent is resonated in their debut single ‘“Marinate”. We found the tune to be extremely refreshing.

From the opening chords you’re hooked, guided by this steady rhythm section. The guitars effortlessly roll through the progressions and once the vocals come in, it’s just magic. Each word resonates further and further into the subconscious of the musical journey.

As well as giving the song a good listening, we got the chance to have a little chat with Sk8ergrrrl.

Twins: What is the origin story of Sk8ergrrrl? How did you all meet?

Sk8ergrrrl: Originally we started in 2007 as a fun band for some kids to play some Avril Lavigne songs. We all went to the Kings Cross Conservatorium and Glenmore Road Public School, where Stephanie Bourke (the owner and the mastermind behind it all) put us all in a band. But we always really appreciated playing together and in 2015 we began writing and playing original songs, continuing to write and play gigs organised by Stephanie. Recently we had our original drummer leave our band which brought Charlie, who we’ve always known, into the band. We’ve continued to play and write together.

Twins: Who would you say are your inspirations?

Sk8ergrrrl: I think as a band we all listen to really different music which gets fused into our sound. For example, Lucia is inspired by the The Kinks, Sophia is inspired by the Stonefield and Ida really enjoys a mix of Grunge Bands like Hole and artists like King Krule.

Twins: How would you describe your sound?

Sk8ergrrl: We think our band is most similar to Australian indie rock.

Twins: How did you find the process of creating your debut demo?

Sk8ergrrrl: Ida likes to work on the melody and lyrics with her music teacher Luke (from I Know Leopard) before taking it to the band and after that’s all sorted the band works on it collaboratively. As a band, we work on chords, the structure, and the overall sound. We still continue to work individually on our instruments but we also get the best work out of working as a team.

We also have help from the Kings Cross Conservatorium because our teachers give us feedback on our parts, as well as suggestions or amendments that we continue to bring to the table during our rehearsal time. Once we have been working on a few songs for a long time we are fortunate enough to be able to record it with Owen Penglis and Stephanie. The process of recording has always been made easy for us because of the fantastic Kings Cross Conservatorium. We [are] really grateful for those opportunities given to us by Stephanie, as she has given us the opportunity to become comfortable in the studio.

After that is all done Ida works on the cover art, taking feedback from everyone in the band until we reach our final image.

Twins: You mentioned to us that you go to a rock and roll high school. Could you please explain that and what it means to you? Do you think this was a factor in kicking off sk8ergrrrl?

Sk8ergrrl: The school is responsible for the birth of Sk8ergrrrl. It is a place where we have had the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments, the ability to jam with other teachers and students and become part of bands. It really taught us to play collaboratively and to be able to play fluidly, learning how to cooperate as part of a group rather than just as solo musicians. Definitely, the school was instrumental in creating our band and helping our band through all of our endeavors, without it I don’t think we would have been at all able to do what we do now, with such fluidity or be exposed to the music scene in the way that we are.

Twins: You are all so young. We find this so inspiring you are creating music. Do you have any words of advice to people looking to do the same thing?

Sk8ergrrrl: We’re all so young so we can’t offer pearls of wisdom. But our advice would be to find something you’re passionate about and love playing, find a place that supports you and your instrument, whether this is at home or at school. We think the most important thing is just playing together and being open to new styles and new methods of playing.

We love the energy and passion in the girls and their outlook on their craft. Their youth and drive is so inspiring and we are beyond keen to see what they do next. Keep a close eye on these girls!