Australian Special Forces deployed to PNG for APEC meeting

Australian Special Forces deployed to PNG for APEC meeting

Australia has deployed special forces soldiers to Papua New Guinea (PNG) as part of the effort to secure Port Moresby ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit scheduled for November.

Concerns that local military and police personnel are inadequate are behind the deployment.

World leaders including United States Vice President Mike Pence, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison are expected to attend the two-day summit.

“We have Australian Army and Australian Special Forces assisting the [Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF)], making sure the counter-terrorism provision of services is first class,” a senior member of the Special Forces Command said.

“We’re standing ready to support PNGDF to secure the APEC meeting and help PNG showcase the country to the world,” he added.

The Royal Australian Navy will also have a presence to protect cruise ships that will be used for temporary APEC accommodation, making up for PNG’s limited capabilities.

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