Seeing through double standards with VOIID’s ‘Twin’ 

Seeing through double standards with VOIID’s ‘Twin’ 

VOIID members Anji, Kate, Antonia and Jasmine are amazing.

We initially fell in love with the band when we saw them live in Sydney. The energy and passion behind each individual is incomparable. We became fan girls instantly. Having a ripper EP and three singles under their belt, they make it hard for us to have a favourite song, or even a favourite music video for that matter.

Their messages are so clear and strong, and we are all about it — also their avid love and appreciation for TV show Rupaul’s Drag Race is one that we can definitely get behind. Such strong females absolutely smashing it is so inspiring to us.

Being identical twins ourselves, we were so stoked with the newest single from the band, Twin, and luckily we got the chance to have a chat to the band about their latest masterpiece.


What was your initial inspiration for writing this single?  

“What inspired us for the single ‘Twin’ was the prominent issue in society of constantly and subconsciously trying to hold ourselves up to other people’s standards to gain validation. You have to be pretty but not conceited, smart but not intimidating, and very present on social media to have that validation furthered. But what we’ve all now come to terms with is that conformity is toxic, and if you spend all of your time leeching off of other people’s aesthetics and eventually their personalities, you never get anywhere for the right reasons.”

You cover topics like conformity and wanting to break the mundane. Are these things you personally struggled with at a point in time? 

“I think everybody has struggled with this before, knowingly or even subconsciously. It’s hard not to succumb to the pressures of needing to stand out, but as mentioned before we’ve all had the realisation that being your authentic self is the best way to get to where you need to be.”

 As well as a personal reflection, we feel that this song has a universal message for all listeners. Was this your intention?

“I guess that was inevitable as we do like to make our music relatable to our target audience.”

Do you have any advice for people who feel like they need to conform/change themselves in order for people to like them more?

“Don’t listen to the masses, be yourself and if others don’t like that, fuck it. Put yourself first, be comfortable with who you are and don’t let others or even the voice inside you tell you your authentic self isn’t good enough.”

You guys have a tour for the release of the single. We were a little bit bummed there was no Syd! Can we expect to see you guys back in Sydney anytime soon?

“We will be back in Sydney in September for the Clowns‘ Freezing in the Sun tour!”

If there’s anything else you’d like to mention or comment on feel free.

“Jesus is a biscuit.”

This track is another absolute killer from the powerhouses from Brisbane. VOIID continue to prove that they are ones to be watched — we know big things are coming! If you live in the Gold Coast or Byron Bay we urge you to catch them on their single launch tour, it’ll definitely be sickening! Tickets for that can be found here.