The Fratellis: Glasgow legends set to visit Down Under

The Fratellis: Glasgow legends set to visit Down Under

UK favourites and absolute gems in the Sydney music scene, Viva La Sociale are back at it again, this time bringing us Aussies some Glasgow icons.

We are pleased to announce that The Fratellis will be gracing Australian stages across the country in November!

Last visiting Australia in 2014, this time they are here hot after the release of their fifth studio album, “In Your Own Sweet Time”. It’s a true masterpiece that is sure to bring new hits akin to our personal favourite, “Chelsea dagger” — and yes, we know our choice is predictable, but quality is quality!

The Fratellis will be playing in four cities across Australia, including Fremantle, Brisbane, Melbourne and, last but certainly not least, Sydney.

The Fratellis live are an experience that simply can’t be missed, with some killer new tunes as well as those wonderful, nostalgia-sparking classics. So get out and see them this November!

Book your tickets through their website.

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