Socceroos fail to qualify in Fifa World Cup after loss against Peru

Socceroos fail to qualify in Fifa World Cup after loss against Peru

The Socceroos, in their last attempt at qualifying for round two of the Fifa World Cup, have lost against already-eliminated Peru 2-0 on Wednesday.

The Australian team, who tied against Denmark last Thursday, was in with a fighting chance to progress to the next round in the Russian-hosted football World Cup.

The team however just couldn’t seem to find enough luck or break through Peru’s tight-knit defence in order to claim a long awaited victory.

Socceroo’s coach, Van Marwijk, has been criticized for holding back football star Tim Cahill during the game against Denmark and failing to direct the team to go in for the kill during their three matches.

Janusz Michallik, who played 44 games for the US in the early 90’s, slammed the coach, saying, “You have to trust your players, you have to let them be, you have to let them play,” he said. “Van Marwijk knows he’s gone after this one. I was extremely disappointed in how he managed the game throughout the tournament.”

When asked his thoughts on his strategic decisions for the team, Van Marwijk had no apologies or regrets for his direction, saying “I don’t regret the way we worked or performed with the players.”

”We have a squad of 23 players, I didn’t change a lot, but that’s one of the reasons the team can grow. If you change a lot in every game in organisation and players you will never really get a good team.”

Socceroos captain, Mile Jedinak, said that the team still played well however a goal continued to elude them, saying “it wasn’t meant to be.”

“Disappointing is the word. Empty is another word. Yeah. There is not a lot to say,” he said. “It wasn’t from the lack of effort. We created a lot. It felt like we did.” he said.

The Fifa World Cup will continue until July 16.

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