Viva La Sociale: Bringing passion all the way from the UK

Viva La Sociale: Bringing passion all the way from the UK

Born in a bar in Cuba by two self-described “music loving geeks”, Viva La Sociale has one simple yet vital mission: to nurture up-and-coming artists and promote their music.

Founders Louise Palmer and Kevin Davies decided to give up their day jobs and dedicate themselves to this cause, creating Viva La Sociale, a successful music management and promotion company originally based in the UK.

However, in their classic “all or nothing” style they have uprooted themselves and come down under to carry on their fantastic work in Australia’s diverse and vibrant music scene — and boy are we lucky to have them!

These guys arrange live events ranging from intimate gigs at smaller venues to putting on shows in halls with a capacity of over 3000 people. With a close affiliation to a number of highly successful outfits such as ASH and Turin Brakes, Viva La Sociale were a huge force in Britain’s music scene.

Now based in Sydney, Viva La Sociale bring their drive and nurturing spirit to Aussies. After only recently making the move to Sydney, they have already proven that they’re a force to reckoned with, putting on shows in the renowned Factory Theatre as well as a bunch of other gems around the Sydney area.

They’re out looking for talent and recently put on a show at the Factory Theatre for No Illuminati, with supports from Sydney favourites Peter Conaty and Pepperhead. Take a look at what they have coming up here.

We love getting behind organisations like Viva La Sociale because we know that their work stems from a pure passion and love for music. Follow them on Facebook, get in touch, and remember that by supporting these guys you’re supporting Aussie music.