Goodnight Japan: Goodmorning ‘Rush’!

Goodnight Japan: Goodmorning ‘Rush’!

Image credit: Goodnight Japan

Originating in 2016, Goodnight Japan are an up-and-coming three piece band hailing from Sydney. All it took was one listen to the band’s fresh-released first single “Rush” and we were sold!

Lead singer Abel Ibanez’s sweet, rustic voice captivates young and old audiences alike, and giving the band a mature and established sound; we were hanging on each and every word.

The vocals lay down a reflective, bordering on melancholic emotional landscape, but the song remains on a positive trajectory with the help of the solid rhythm section, and perfectly placed simplistic underlying riffs.

The natural progression takes the listener on an ultimately triumphant journey; it is an emotional and invigorating track. When we asked Abel, who is also the lead songwriter, what inspired the single, Abel responded by saying, “Love and confusion.”

We were very impressed by these guys, and can’t wait to catch them live. Goodnight Japan play a lot of shows in the Sydney area, particularly in Newtown. Be sure to check out their upcoming gigs and follow them on social media.

With promise of an upcoming EP to arrive in the near future, we feel they are definitely a ‘watch this space’ band and sound!