Why haven’t we already had WWIII?

Why haven’t we already had WWIII?

As of late, there seem to be more and more potential conflicts that could escalate to a global level. The US and North Korea, the US and Russia, and the recent situation in Syria, which various countries decided should be solved with missiles. Because they make everything better, right? Right….

The growing fear is that we’re heading speedily towards WWIII. Which, given the weapons we currently have access to, could well mean the destruction of most of the world. Seems fun. However, WWII ended in 1945. That’s over 70 years ago now. Not that I’m complaining, but….why hasn’t anything happened yet?

Well, there are a few good reasons. If it’s a topic that you’re particularly interested in, it’s covered fairly well in this video.

Firstly, most countries have realised that killing most of the people in the world probably isn’t a great idea. It’s no coincidence that the end of the last world war was a couple of nukes going off. People quickly realised that they weren’t so much of a good thing. Though if you want a bit of fun, here’s another article we did about all the times we nearly fired off some more nukes….

Secondly, these days there’s such a thing as international law. And the United Nations — which also came into existence after WWII. Which gives any country a rather big disincentive in regards to waging an actual war against another country. You don’t pick on a kid when every other kid says they’ll gang up on you if you do.

And thirdly, many of the things that countries previously went to war over — like land, resources, political or religious disagreements — can now be obtained through trade, or diplomacy. Which are typically much cheaper and easier than all-out war. Why fight someone for something, when you can just buy it?

And that, folks, is why we haven’t had anything massive yet, and hopefully won’t. But then, there’s Trump. So who knows, right?