My Opinion on “Your Dad’s Opinion for Dinner”

My Opinion on “Your Dad’s Opinion for Dinner”

Image credit: Sounds of the Suburbs

Ruby Fields is a wonderfully refreshing artist who tells it how it is, with a frank and personal approach. The sheer quality of her storytelling, songwriting and composition is truly mesmerising, and her debut EP Your Dad’s Opinion for Dinner is no exception.

As a neat little bit of trivia, Ruby actually drew the covers for her singles which just further demonstrates her close connection to her work. After falling in love with “I Want” and “P Plates“, two singles released in 2017 – both of these songs were hits – I couldn’t wait to hear how the rest of the EP would turn out!

The album starts off with a banging track — “Ritalin“. Ruby’s excellent storytelling-style is empowered by the band. The song builds and explodes with that raw energy Ruby is known for. It was a perfect choice to open with.

The album continues with the two aforementioned singles, “I Want” and “P Plates”, both absolutely amazing in their own right. And I’m not the only one who thinks this — both of these songs made it to Triple J’s publicly voted hottest 200 at #137 and #152. These tracks were both personal to Ruby, but in conjunction had a lot of meaning to me and many others. P Plates in particular is a track that both Sam and I relate to — although catching public transport home is more our issue though!

“Libby’s Pink Car” is funny and another relatable track. It’s basically a look inside Ruby’s mind as she runs through a bunch of thoughts, finishing with a resounding “I don’t know”. My favourite line is: “Asking me to jam kinda makes you look like a tool”.

Ruby takes an honest look at her feelings and her career in “Fairly Lame Fairly Tame“, and while it may be confronting, it makes for a killer song. It offers a great insight into what many musicians feel. She explores a number of thoughts, ranging from the mundanity of everyday life to feeling dissatisfied with her life in general. I mean, who hasn’t felt like that at some point? Everyone can feel stuck in a rut, wondering if things will ever pick up for them. But what makes this song unique is that despite the subject matter, it isn’t depressing.

The album ends with the heart-wrenching yet beautiful “Redneck Lullaby”, a song dedicated to her mother. Another deeply personal track, Ruby opens herself up and has an honest reflection on her life and experiences.

Through the release of this album, it is clear to see that Ruby is engaged with her emotions. In her own reflections within her tracks, she not only comes to terms with her own inner struggles and thoughts, she also simultaneously taps into feelings and ideas that are relatable to a large audience.

Ruby has proven she’s an excellent song writer and performer who truly gives herself to her music. She is a unique artist to keep your eye on. I personally can’t wait to hear more from her! Make sure you catch her nation-wide Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner tour, with the punchy and punky Fritz as support act.