Five songs that made our summer

Five songs that made our summer

Image credit: Eva Rinaldi (Wikimedia) – CC BY-SA 2.0

As the end of February approaches, it is with angst that we must say goodbye to summer. This summer we found ourselves doing a lot of new things and having lots of fun experiences. While doing so we had a lot of songs that we regularly listened to, and more we discovered along the way. We have compiled five songs that, in their own way, made our summer a memorable and joyful one.

Camp Cope — “The Opener”

This song was so special to us. It was released early from the band’s new album How to socialize and make friends. The song delves into the world of females in the music scene, the double standards and hardships faced by women in the industry on a daily basis.

The song is frustrated, raw and emotive. We love the pure passion. Lead singer Georgia “Maq” McDonald’s voice is so strong and the topic is so important.

Lucky enough to catch this all-girl three-piece at Falls Festival, we fell in love with their performance, powerful lyrics and overall sound. The song was one that was easy to enjoy and get behind.

Crocodylus — “Sweaty Already”

Although this song was premiered in September as a teaser for the bands second EP Christian Syrups, it spearheaded its way into our hearts and was there to stay for this summer.

The song itself is an ode to the sweaty moshpits and antics of live performances. It screams fun and invokes a sense of being care-free (which was us for a couple of weeks!). It resonates with the mosh experience — it isn’t a proper summer moshpit if the punters aren’t soaking in perspiration and the air becomes thick within the first five minutes of the set. This was the song on our minds in those moments.

The melodic chorus and repetition of “Sweaty already, already sweaty” quickly became our summer hymn.

Flowertruck — “Enough For Now”

Opening with a wistful, nostalgic sound is Flowertruck’s newest single — it was an instant favourite for us. The combination of keyboard and guitar provides a distinctive sound and one that we think pairs wonderfully and gives a retro feel. The use of that classic 80s reverb on the vocals just compliments the song so well.

When Flowertruck comes on it feels like we’ve taken a step back to a time and, despite us not being born, inspires nostalgia about an era we didn’t experience — a foreign yet very welcomed feeling. The single offers only a tast of the band’s new work. We’re excitedly looking forward to more.

Pist Idiots — “Leave It At That”

This song, released in late December as a single, was another tune that immediately resonated with us. Opening with that surf-like guitar riff, it emulates summer vibes.

Everything in this song works together. The punchy drums enhanced by the rythmic guitars and offset by a fluid vocal line creates a piece that you can dance to and relate to.

What stands out to us in this track is the perfect cohesion of the lyrics and the melodic aspects of this song, both aspects play off each other creating a rich listening experience. We can connect to the meaning of this song and both long for the day we can “leave it at that”.

SOOK— “I’m Not Your Woman”

This three-piece band hailing from Wollongong have been making waves with the release of their track “I’m Not Your Woman” in January. The garage rock/punk sound of this band is something to notice. We hear glimmers of Bikini Kill listening to these gals.

The lyrics in this song are intensely blunt. “Fucking dirty cannibal, my organs aren’t for you” is one of the most striking lines. The song drives the point that women aren’t just objects to be idealised or fantasised about, and that we aren’t here just to please others.

Although SOOK are fairly new to the music scene, they have already proven that they’re a force to be reckoned with both through live and in the studio.