Mind, body and soul really are key to a good detox

Mind, body and soul really are key to a good detox

Image credit: Pixabay – CC0

Late last year I made the decision to detox my life. This meant eliminating any negatives from my daily routine and surrounding myself with what I considered to be positive.

However, this process was much more difficult than I thought. After embarking on this mission, I realised detoxing meant targeting mind, body and soul, and I grew to understand that one element could not work without the others — all three parts had to be operating in harmony.

So I began my journey by cleaning up my diet and eating the foods that nourished my body. For me, this was the first step, and now looking back it was the easiest.

When undertaking challenges, we often compartmentalise and work our way through it like a list. But I found that this detox simply wouldn’t work by targeting one thing at a time; I needed to take a wholistic approach by combining and balancing all three areas.

After noticing the importance of the mind, body and soul being in sync, I started to googling more about it, and my research consistently showed meditation always plays a role in improving the three.

“Meditation is the vital way to purify and quiet the mind thus rejuvenating the body.” – Deepak Chopra, MD.

After a few months of working on my mind, body and soul, I began to feel content with the progress I made. I feel a lightness throughout my days. I feel aware and more in control of my thoughts, and able to take myself away from negativity and surround myself with energy I resonate with.

It wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops though. Cutting out certain foods and detaching myself from certain people were particularly difficult.

For a while I thought I could get away with surrounding myself with people whose “energy” didn’t always connect with mine. No one is perfect and for this reason we should accept people as they are.

But this led me to question if we are stopping ourselves from growing just for the sake of keeping people in our lives; people who we may no longer be on the same wavelength as us? And is this not the same as removing unhealthy food from our diets?

Deepak Chopra summed it up perfectly in a Ted Talk:

“You have 600 trillion cells in your body which is more than all the stars in the milky way galaxy. Only 10% are human, the rest is what is called the micro biome. So of the 600 trillion cells in your body, most of them are bacterial — you’re a walking bacterial colony where the few human cells are added and all of these cells are working together as a system.

“Things I mentioned influence everything. Diet particularly influences the micro biome which is the GI tract and the micro biome and genes regulate each other. It’s a fascinating thing; our body is star stuff that has learnt to self regulate itself and become self aware, that knows itself, that evolves and ultimately goes back to the field of pure consciousness which is a field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, that takes leaps of evolution. And as we move into the future you will see that reinventing the body is not a possibility in the future its a possibility right now.”

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