My new year resolution: To live in the now

My new year resolution: To live in the now

Image credit: Janie Barrett (Fairfax Media)

As I sat on the beach in the final days of 2017, listening to the sounds of the waves, surrounded by smiling, joyful people, I pondered on the time we spend reflecting on the passing year and thinking about the year to come.

In 2016 I had spent this time in another country, another city. I remember standing in front of Central Park thinking, “2017 is going to be about making my dreams come true.” I made a list of all the things I wanted, and all the plans I had. Some of the goals I achieved; while others, it seems, will take longer.

But as I sat on the beach, I wasn’t disappointed by the things I didn’t do in the year. Instead, I found peace and contentment in the moment. It is really easy to lose yourself in lists and resolutions, and miss the now.

For me, New Year’s Eve has always been more important than any other day — even my own birthday. I have many memories of standing right in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge almost every year for as long as I can remember, and asking my brother: “What will happen to me next year Imran?”

Somehow he always knew, he would say something so generalised like, “This year will be a very special year for you Shama.” As a child, I would close my eyes and just believe his words.

I have since come to learn that your year can be anything you want it to be. My years have always been special, because that’s all I have ever wanted.

So, what would I like 2018 to be? I want 2018 to be a balance between making new goals and living in the now; appreciating what life has given me so far, and to be more thankful. To do more things that make me happy. But most of all, to appreciate every morning more like I appreciate the start of every year.

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