Is there a difference between being confident and being comfortable?

Is there a difference between being confident and being comfortable?

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My mum always told me: “Shama, if you love yourself and I mean really love yourself, there is no one that can bring you down; there is nothing anyone can say that can destroy you.”

I always thought that was true, to a certain point, but a part of me also felt our environment mattered too. Loving yourself is a process. There are many factors that contribute to this process and a lot of it is about knowing your self worth. I also believe the energy you are surrounded by – the people around you – contributes too.

Revisiting this got me thinking: If loving yourself really is all about how you feel toward yourself then why do we not have more control over this? Is it possible to not be affected by the opinions of others if you are confident in who you are? And does loving yourself and being confident in who you are mean the same thing?

If I were a perfect human, I would say that for all my twenty years I have treated myself kindly and never been brought down by anybody. But I am not a perfect human, and I can say that I have experienced both worlds equally.

I often hear people say that high school is the chapter in your life you never forget, even though this was different for me. High school for me was the kind of experience I am thankful for but at the same time would still love to forget. However, it was during high school that I understood what it means to really know your self worth, and how this was the stem of loving myself.

Maybe my mother was right – maybe loving yourself is the core of everything and everything else just contributes to how you feel about yourself. I think being confident means showing the world you are something while being comfortable is more about your inner contentment.

Maybe, in the end there really is no right way of loving oneself, but I am sure that there is a way that works for everyone.

How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident. Being comfortable in your skin, that’s what really makes you beautiful. – Bobbi Brown

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