A night in Melbourne with Crywank

A night in Melbourne with Crywank

Photo credit: Romain Pontida (Flickr) — CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.

Finding ourselves in Melbourne two weekends ago and with a few hours to spare, Sam and I quickly tried to find a gig.

We discovered that UK band Crywank were in town as part of their debut Australian tour. We eagerly made our way through the busy streets to find them.

After leaving late, getting lost a few times, and staring for far too long at a Gucci shop window with an alien campaign poster, we arrived later than we had hoped but made our way into The Curtin pub. Unfortunately we’d missed quite a lot of The Openers’ set, but we did get a chance to see a bit of Foley.

Excited to see a local act from Melbourne, we instantly connected and engaged with Foley’s quirky and honest lyrics, combined with their timeless punk rock format. Even though we only saw a brief bit of their set, we recommend seeing these guys perform if given the opportunity. You can be sure that if Foley comes to Sydney, we’ll definitely be there!

Shortly after Foley’s set finished, Crywank entered the stage. Both members appeared extremely happy and moved by the crowd. Singer James commented on the size and presence of the Melbourne crowd, and talked about how humbled he was by the turnout. He then discussed the origins of the band, describing them playing on makeshift instruments to their friends in their house back in the UK, and drawing the contrast between that and playing a full gig to punters across the world in Melbourne.

During their set, the UK duo played some of their more popular songs with fans excitedly singing the words back at them. Songs such as “Now I’m Sad” and “Memento Mori” were crowd favourites, with punters engaging with the meaningful lyrics. “Nostril Tampon” was another song the duo played that I found to be both moving and intriguing, providing an insightful look at the ideas of gender and conformity.

As well as some of their more popular songs, they gave us a preview of a few new songs from their soon-to-be-released album. These songs were extremely deep and personal, and one that particularly stood out to me was called “Pretty Boy” (from memory).

They played a particularly interesting song from the album Shameless Valentines Money Grab. James opened about how his brother – who was having his birthday on the other side of the world in the UK – was bullied as a kid. He made a song of something that his brother would sing when he was six years-old. This song, “Oliver’s Theme”, was like an ode to James’ brother. I was a sweaty mess but I still managed to get goosebumps as James recited his brother’s song singing, “I’m the coolest kid in town.”

Not only did the duo play excellent music, but they also brought attention to something that Sam and I really appreciate as well. James used his platform on stage to give a big shout-out to the Australian music scene, addressing not only the importance of supporting homegrown bands, but also acknowledging how lucky we are as Australians to have such a powerful and diverse group of entertainers.

Crywank scream an authenticity and raw emotive realness that is both extremely refreshing and enticing, exploring the depths of human emotion and experience. During this gig, I was not only moved emotionally but also physically as well. Sam and I couldn’t help but dance to this delightfully odd yet amazing duo’s sound!