Why Mondays are the best

Why Mondays are the best

It was a Monday morning. I was feeling love, from everywhere.

From one of my closest friends, from my favourite jacket my brother left me before he flew to Canada, my ruby ring from Brooklyn — it was like I had woken up in a bubble of love.

And while we’re on the topic of love, lets talk about Mondays. I think Mondays are like Fridays but better, because on Fridays you unwind from a busy week and start relaxing for the weekend but on Mondays you get to make new goals, grab new opportunities. Something about this, in my eyes, is more fulfilling.

This particular Monday I had finished a lecture at university and I was walking out with my friend in hope of buying myself some food, and then I got stopped by one of the other students in my class who offered me a job at his online magazine.

While he was praising me for my blog and telling me how I would be a great addition to the magazine, in my head I had already pictured the many things I was going to write about.

I was then reminded of why I love Mondays.

Of course after he finished offering me the job, I didn’t even pause to think about it. I automatically accepted. I mean, what was there to think about?

I couldn’t contain my excitement. I thought that it was finally happening, I was finally going to be able to start a painting I had pictured in my head for so long.

After an hour, the excitement didn’t fade but reality kicked in. The nerves began to kick in. I was getting scared and I think even now after a whole week of processing, I still am. I always mention that growing up I was a creature of habit. But sharing my writing meant getting out of my comfort zone and this is something I taught myself to do because I think it is an important skill to have. Also, beneath the idea of being scared, I believe there is something truly amazing about living your dreams, but that doesn’t mean I do not get nervous. I do. What kind of a writer would I be if I wasn’t being completely honest.

So, what can you expect to see from Mondays with Shama? I always find this part so difficult. For now let’s just say you can choose to see this in two ways: a place where I speak of my experiences and try to share what I have learned, or you can say, a girl who lives in a fairytale. I don’t mind either. By all means, I will say I do not have it figured out.

Truth is, I don’t know where this journey will take me, but I feel as though I am ready. I know that sometimes it’s easier to say you’re ready and the hurricane comes and every bone in your body is screaming, “You are not ready!” I am still pretty sure that will happen. What’s different now is that I can shut off all those doubts and together we can create some magic.

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