Australian Music T-Shirt Day

Australian Music T-Shirt Day

Today we thought we’d write about a day we love: Triple J’s Australian Music T-shirt Day which was held on 3 November.

Apart from just being a bit of fun, it’s a day to celebrate Aussie music culture, and to get behind and show support for some pretty amazing artists by wearing their band shirts.

This year Triple J teamed up with Support Act, a fantastic organisation helping Australian musicians who are having trouble. Ranging from mental health issues to financial issues, Support Act works as a network and support system to artists in need while giving them the respect and love they deserve.

So, in light of this awesome day and the fantastic initiative, we thought we’d give a big shout out to this wonderful organisation. Anyone can show their support by donating at

We also wanted to write about what this day ultimately revolves around: Aussie music! We are donning our band shirts and wanted to each do our own little plug on an Australian band that we’ve seen this year that has had an impact on us.

Sam: The Pinheads

These guys are currently touring Europe so we knew we had to see them before they left. Newtown had its annual King Street Crawl, or as Matilda and I found it: music heaven. It felt like we were floating, but really, we were bumbling from one trendy little bar to the next trying to make the most of the many incredible musicians being in the same place at the same time.

Eventually we made it to the end of the night and were lucky enough to catch this group. Seven artists all gracing the stage, six wearing sunglasses with serious expressions. The seventh, noticeably not wearing sunglasses, was Jez, lead singer of the group and an absolute enigma. Matilda and I just stared dopily at the stage with our jaws probably hitting the ground while they performed. Their unique sound took my breath away.

Each member of the band is amazing with their own little quirks but it was front man Jez who stole the show for us. He sang his lyrics with such passion while climbing on speakers and bonding with the crowd as he left the stage to move through the audience. For their hard-hitting slo- paced original “Keep It Dark”, Jez wrapped himself in a stage curtain embracing his natural performer.

I have since heard in conversations with other Pinhead fans that Jez climbs rafters at festivals, climbs over stages and occasionally falls into merchandise stands, all while putting on a killer show.

That night left me giddy with happiness from experiencing my first stage dive and crowd surf, seeing so many fantastic artists play, and meeting new people. The Pinheads were just the icing on the cake and I have been in love with them ever since. Their overall performance and music is something that has been a definite standout for me this year. I can’t wait to see them again soon!

Matilda: Israeli Chicks

A Band who instantly captivated us when we finally got to see them perform was Israeli Chicks.

Reading their band name, you may not associate them with Australia, but these guys are a three-piece band based in Byron Bay. Although originally from New Zealand, I think it’s safe to claim them as our own.

After a long trek and getting lost quite a few times, Sam and I eventually made it to the venue. When the Chicks made their way to the stage, we raced over to hear them play. Their music is super-punchy and really showcases their skills as musicians. The instrumentation perfectly supports the avant-garde vocals to create an addictive listening experience.

As the Israeli Chicks played their set, Sam and I couldn’t resist moving across the dance floor like idiots with permanent grins plastered upon our faces. We relentlessly danced to the ever-changing and enticing sound of the band.

A song that particularly resonated with me was from their first EP I Love You Mum, called “Pub Dancing Star”. I feel as though Sam and I shamelessly personified the character in the song and couldn’t help but laugh and sing the lyrics back at the Chicks (despite being tone deaf). The song sings of a helpless pub dancing star who discusses how they can be found “all sweaty and dancing way too hard”.

Their jovial garage rock style left us itching for more. Israeli Chicks are definitely a band to see live and I can’t wait for them to visit Sydney again.

Australian Music T Shirt Day is a great event because it allows people to show their support for the multitude of amazing artists that Australia has to offer. We encourage everyone to go along next year and keep your eyes peeled for Australia’s incredible talent in the meantime. We hope to see you there!

Support Act

If you or anyone you know are struggling as artists in the Australian music industry, please contact Support Act by calling 1300 731 303 or emailing