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    Dear readers, OPMagazine is making some changes. In a nutshell, we’re moving from daily news to open source investigations. The world is changing rapidly and journalism must evolve or risk becoming irrelevant. With a plethora of reliable daily news sources, OPMagazine feels its services are needed elsewhere. Open source investigative journalism is an emerging field that is crucial to the survival of journalism as an industry and as a gatekeeper of democracy. If you would ... ► Read more

  • Does Hong Kong have a future divorced from Beijing?

    Hong Kong has seen weeks of protests sparked by a proposed law that would allow residents of the special administrative region (SAR) to be extradited to mainland China for prosecution. Increasingly, Hong Kong residents are questioning the continued viability of the “one country, two systems” policy that has maintained Hong Kong’s relatively high degree of economic freedoms and personal liberty since the British returned it to China in 1997. Some are pushing for Hong Kong ... ► Read more

  • Why is the Tory leadership contest taking so long and who will be the new PM?

    This article will continue to be updated as the election progresses. On 24 May 2019, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation as leader of the Conservative Party (“the Tories”), effective from 7 June. This announcement triggered an election within the Conservative Party to determine who will lead the party and succeed her as Prime Minister. It has been two weeks since Theresa May’s resignation took effect, and we still don’t know who the ... ► Read more

  • Personae non grata — how ISIS members are being stripped of their citizenship and potentially left stateless

    Neil Prakash, Shamima Begum and Hoda Muthana share a lot in common. All three were born in western countries. They all left their home countries to join Islamic State. And they have all now been stripped of their citizenships. Mr Prakash was born in Melbourne, Australia. He converted to Islam in 2012 and left for Syria in 2013. Ms Begum was born in the United Kingdom and flew to Syria with two friends in 2015, ... ► Read more

  • The INF’s demise is an opportunity in disguise

    It’s official: the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is no more, and people are worried. On Friday (local time) United States President Donald Trump announced his administration was suspending the INF Treaty, prompting his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to do the same. In effect, the US and Russia are now free to develop and deploy land-based, nuclear-capable missiles with a range of 500–5,500km. This definitely isn’t a good thing, but it isn’t as bad as ... ► Read more

  • Brexit is only a big deal for politicians

    On 23 June 2016 I was on a train, hurtling across the English countryside. Like every good law graduate, I was making a pilgrimage to see Lincoln Castle’s Magna Carta. Conspicuously absent from my journey was any indication that the dawn of the Brexit malaise was imminent, despite Britons heading to the polls that day to vote on whether to leave the European Union. In fact, most conspicuous for my entire visit was the apathy toward ... ► Read more

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In Stereo

  • Trystxn: “FIND OUT” about the new noise emerging from the Mountains

    • Matilda Elliott


    • Sam Elliott


    From the Mountains to your ears, Trystxn is coming for you with a quick wit and infinite flow. We, as well as Trystxn, also hail from the Blue Mountains. To see the emergence of talent, ambition and drive all in the DIY sense makes us so happy! We can’t help but get behind such a driven individual, especially when it’s a mate of ours kicking goals and creating his own sound. Trystxn draws on his ... ► Read more